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Failure Analysis·Fehleranalyse·Laboatory and Test Equipment in the Semicnductor Industry·Laboatory and Test Equipment in the Semiconductor Industry·Probe Cards·Production-·Qualification·Qualifikation·Temperature Testing·Test·Wafer ID Reading


Applikationen·Mikro- / Nanoelektronik



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Products and Services:

  • Probe Cards built in Epoxy Technique
  • Europe Service Center for Microspring Probe Cards, Modification, Application Support, Repair
  • Metal Blade-, Low Leakage-, 50 Ohm Ceramic Microstrip-, Ferrit Epoxy-, Hybrid Cicuit-, Probe Cards
  • Probe Cards for Wafer Level Burn-In
  • Solutions for Applications with High Current (Automotive) and for Test in Low Temperature Environment
  • Probe Cards for Your Specific Test Application
  • Development and Delivery of Customized PCB’s and Motherboards
  • Supplier for Production-, Laboratory and Test-Equipment in the Semiconductor Industry
  • Equipment Safety/CE Modification
  • Surplus Equipment Sales/Service
  • Spare Parts for Older Equipment

Hybrid Probe Card

Beside all kind of Probe Cards htt supplies customized Mini Probers. The HTT Mini Prober
is a Manual Wafer Prober for Failure Analysis and General Diagnostic on separated single DUTs
or sensor devices. The chuck can hold and place one DUT under the minimized Probe Card.
The HTT Mini Prober can be operated in any kind of chamber (hot, cold, vacuum) or it can be placed
under analysis tools. Customized Mini Probers ar possible in several variations (with Peltier element,
multi DUT …).

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