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Chemical Systems·Elektro-·Forschung & Entwicklung·High Purity Gase Supply·High Purity Media Supply·Installation & Inbetriebnahme·IQ Inspection & Qualification·Mess-·OEM & Lohnfertigung·Service & Schulungen·Slurry Recycling Equipment·Steuer- & Regelungstechnik·Tank & Tankauskleidungen·Wassertechnische Verfahrensprozesse


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Chemical Systems·Elektro-·Equipment·Forschung & Entwicklung·High Purity Gase Supply·High Purity Media Supply·Installation & Inbetriebnahme·IQ Inspection & Qualification·Medical Technology / Pharma·Mess-·Micro- / Nanoelektronics·OEM & Lohnfertigung·other·photovoltaics·Project·Semiconductor Industry·Service & Schulungen·Slurry Recycling Equipment·Steuer- & Regelungstechnik·Tank & Tankauskleidungen·Wassertechnische Verfahrensprozesse



Schwabacher Straße 10
01665 Klipphausen

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Anna Wurbs
+49 35204 393050

About this member

Wir sind ein führender Anlagenbauer im Bereich der Halbleitertechnik mit globalem Aktionsradius.

Für unsere Kunden planen und bauen wir schlüsselfertige Anlagen sowie Module und Systeme.

Unsere besonderen Stärken sind mehr als 15 Jahre Erfahrung, ein ausgeprägtes Prozessverständnis und die konsequente Fokussierung auf die jeweils optimale Lösung.

Der Name Fäth steht für individuelle Komplettlösungen in Kunststoff und Edelstahl für nahezu alle Bereiche der Ver- und Entsorgung von Chip-Produktionsanlagen sowie von Photovoltaik- und LED-Anlagen. Auch in der Pharmazie, Biotechnologie und in vielen anderen Branchen vertrauen Kunden auf unsere Lösungen.
An unseren Firmensitzen in Deutschland und Asien verfügen wir über eine große Fertigungstiefe sowie Vorfertigungsmöglichkeiten – auch im Reinraumbereich.

Since 2004, Fäth GmbH – with over 300 employees and with strategic-partner companies worldwide – has established itself as the manufacturer of choice for special equipment and supply systems for pure and ultra-pure media.

Customer-specific systems from standard to specially-designs for gas and chemical supply systems as well as turn-key plants form our core competence

  • Chemical Supply (Blending Systems, Acids and Caustics, Solvents)
  • Gas Supply (Bulk Gases, Special Gases, Compressed Dry Air)
  • Other Systems (Ultra Pure Water, Waste Water, Process Cooling Water, Vacuum)
  • Tool Hookup
  • Prototyping and volume manufacturing for OEMs

From development through production and on to installation and commissioning, Fäth GmbH offers its customers in the semiconductor, photovoltaic and LED industries a comprehensive service for chemical and gas supply systems.

Working from our key areas of activity in Dresden, Munich and Penang, we operate across Germany, Asia and internationally for and with our customers.
Based on rising demand abroad, one of our strategic aims is the expansion of our presence in international markets, offering contact persons and service internaionally.

Custom cabinet prototyping and manufacturing

To increase your flexibility and reduce pressure on your production system, we offer our customers the possibility of manufacturing, installing and testing complete modules on the base of:

  • Manufacturing drawings
  • Electric curcuit diagrams
  • P&ID (flow diagrams)
  • List of parts and units

Based on our employees many years of experience, we can offer you additional support with advisory services for an optimal installation sequence.

Chemical Supply Systems

Chemical Supply

Fäth develops and manufactures complete chemical supply systems in modular construction. Our product range also provides single components for all kinds of processes involving mixture and supply of chemicals. Our systems are characterised by their maintenance-friendly instrumentation. All modules are equipped with proven, low-wear components.

Gas Supply Systems

Gas Supply

We develop and install complete gas supply systems for all types of gases. Besides systems for media with gaseous or liquid aggregate states, our product range is also supplemented bes special systems for high presures and withdrawal quantities. MFC-boxes are constructed according to the requirements of our customers also form part of our product range.

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