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Etna Valley Semi S.r.l

Company type

Target markets

Consumables·Refurbishment·Service·Spare Parts





Via Aldo Moro No 57
95045 Misterbianco (CT)

Contact Person

Antonio Albergo
+39 095 725 0530
Managing Director

About this member

Founded in 2002, Etna Valley Semi S.r.l, located in the heart of southern Italy, operates in Semiconductor Industry.

We supply an extensive variety of products varing from spare parts to complete systems and equipment. Specialised services and professional after sale services are offered to all customers.

Etna Valley Semi provides a high degree of technical advice in Ion Implantation, Dry etch and Vacuum Systems.

In its portfolio, Etna Valley Semi represents various OPM and Service Companies.

It is an ISO Certified Company – ISO 9001-2015

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