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Dresden International University (DIU), founded in 2003, focuses on the dynamic working world of employers and employees and develops high-quality, academic and career-oriented further education and study programmes based on this. The aim of the DIU is to create a flexible educational model that adapts to the constantly changing requirements of the labour market. Through innovative teaching methods, practice-oriented programmes and international perspectives, we enable our students to prepare themselves optimally for industry changes, innovative developments and the expansion of their working environment.

With our international orientation and our international Master's programmes in particular, we promote the training of foreign specialists, including those from India and China, in areas relevant to Dresden, Saxony and Germany as a business location.

We also offer various topical events and courses:

Industrial Management in Microelectronics (M. Sc.)

The production of micro- and nanoelectronic circuits and devices is a rapidly developing field with a high degree of innovation. A leading chip and processor production engineer faces two challenges: I) to be familiar with the latest developments in semiconductor technology and II) to be able to organise the logistics of a rapidly changing production of circuits and devices in a way that ensures both efficient and cost-effective production and the highest yield and quality.

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Industrial Management in Microelectronics (M. Sc.)
Logistics Management (MBA)

In addition to business management skills, today‘s top logistics experts must also have established skills in supply chain management, strategic planning, project and financial management and in the management of modern information and communication systems. In addition, holistic and analytical thinking, a pronounced organizational talent, leadership and team orientation are required.

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Logistics Management (MBA)
Non-Destructive Testing (M.Sc.)

Non-destructive testing, with its wide range of methods, is now an essential part of quality assurance and quality control in many areas of industry. The step-by-step courses for inspectors offered by the German Society for Non-Destructive Testing (DGZfP) are an established and good basis for operational practice. Increasingly, however, more comprehensive inspection strategies need to be developed and implemented. In Germany and many other parts of the world, there is no adequate academic training for the necessary engineering staff. This gap is closed by the degree programme offered by DIU.

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Non-Destructive Testing (M.Sc.)
Rapid development of study programmes and certificate courses

As a private university of applied science, Dresden International University (DIU) is in a position to react to the current needs of the market and accelerate developments with independent decisions.

Demand regulates the market. DIU can react flexibly and offer direct solutions. DIU develops study programmes for subject-specific complex topics, which are examined, evaluated and approved by accreditation agencies. We are also able to develop and offer individual and specialised continuing education programmes in the form of certificate courses. Our driving forces are society, politics, the economy, our network and our excellent lecturers and scientific directors.

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Then please contact our Academic Affairs team, which drives the development of programmes: academicaffairs@di-uni.de

Rapid development of degree programmes and certificate courses

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