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Bulk gases and compressed air·Chemicals·clean room·construction and installation·Design·Electrical and control engineering·Environmental Technoloy·Equipment·Exhaust treatment·Hook up·Medical Technology / Pharma·Micro- / Nanoelektronics·Planning·Process cooling water·Project·Semiconductor Industry·Supply air·Technical gases·Ultra high purified water·Wastewater Treatment


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DEAXO is a young company, focused on High-Tech projects, mostly in the semiconductor industry. Our international team of 100+ employees globally is driven by a passion for innovation. We have high skills and many decades of experience in the high-technology industry with a strong focus on efficiency and reliability of equipment and systems.

DEAXO is involved in many state-of-the-art production facilities around the world. An integrated design approach between the process requirements and facility systems as well as the application of modern software enables us to work fast and efficient.

Our service starts from the first idea, over the design phase up to execution of the project. Here we are specialized both in design and construction of new fabs and in expansion and modernization of existing fabs. We can provide turnkey solutions and support the entire process of a project – from the site survey to the design of the facility/process systems and tool Hook-Up.

DEAXO is the foremost leader in design, construction and execution
of high-tech industry facilities

We have profound and unique expertise in projects and special environments such as clean rooms.

DEAXO’s range of services extends from execution of individual work packages, e.g. ventilation, cooling technology, waste water, ultrapure water, clean rooms, hook-up, etc. to fab extensions and turnkey solutions.
We always work according to the latest safety standards and deliver the highest standard of quality.

As complex problem solving experts, DEAXO strives for long-term, trusting collaboration with their clients.

Discover our full portfolio at www.deaxo.com.

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