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Since 1996 the DANCO-Technik GmbH has been on the market concentrating its product know-how specifically on process heating systems for the top global players in the field of semi-conductors.

In the beginning, handling equipment hook-up and facility supply system construction (vacuum and special gas supply systems), new product focal points were then increasingly set with the introduction of innovation and technologically advanced process heating systems. Within this present main field of activities, DANCO-Technik has created a long and close working relationship with the Swedish producer HEMI Heating.

DANCO-Technik has made a name for itself all over the semi-conductor location of Saxony with its strongly developed service philosophy, flexible structure, and the manner in which it swiftly and relentlessly advances development and innovation. Moreover, the specialists care for several long-standing business relationships abroad, such as in Malaysia or Qatar, as well as, selectively, in Middle and South America.

Innovative and flexible; this is how the various complex solutions of the company are created. An early introduction to the task, combined with wide-ranging know-how, creates the package that, in effect, gives the most economical result which can currently be found on the market.

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