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Consulting & Training·Development partner·MES/CAQ/DWH: The LineWorks Product Suite·Shopfloor integration projects·Software Solutions for Manufacturing


Micro- / Nanoelektronics·Software


Computers·Consulting & Training·Custom / Individual software·Development partner·Electronic·Medical Technology / Pharma·MES/CAQ/DWH: The LineWorks Product Suite·Micro- / Nanoelektronics·photovoltaics·Rail / Automotive·Semiconductor Industry·Shopfloor integration projects·Software·Software Solutions for Manufacturing


ISO 9001

About this member

camLine has been recognized as a valued IT solution partner for high-tech manufacturing over the past 30 years. Industry automation systems are based on MES/MOM modules. Numerous implementations can be found in semiconductors, electronics, automotives, solar, batteries, medical devices, and renewable energies across Europe, North America, and APAC.

In addition to service domains on quality assurance, process integrity, production logistics, OEE, monitoring and reporting, camLine’s solutions feature the orchestration of shop floor activities among different communication layers. As part of Elisa IndustrIQ, AI and machine learning (AI/ML) techniques are integrated in statistical methods to foster optimal engineering analysis and defect control.


Sofware Solutions for Manufacturing

For more than 20 years camLine is providing software solutions for manufacturing of high-tech industries. The system house develops and markets its own product family LineWorks. In particular with the leading SPC system LineWorks SPACE, camLine is well-known in semiconductor, electronics, PV, and medical. SPACE is expanding its global market position with the latest SPACE add-ons eCAP  (electronic Corrective Action Plans) and SDC (Statistical Defect Control). With Recipe Management and SQM (Supplier Quality Management) including eCoA (electronic Certificates of Analyses) LineWorks offers new capabilities that address process security inside manufacturing and comprehensive quality data management and traceability of entire modern supply chains. camLine provides consulting, project management, training, and hotline-support services.

1989 (Commercial Register Munich, HRB 88821)

Legal Form
camLine GmbH, a company of the camLine Holding AG

IT systems company for production automation

Industriering 4a, 85238 Petershausen, Deutschland
Tel. + 49 (0) 8137 935 0
Fax + 49 (0) 8137 935 235
Email info@camLine.com

camLine’s mission is the provision of full IT services for industrial manufacturers with the objective to increase productivity in production by
    * Automation
    * Vertical & horizontal integration
    * Improvement of information flow.

In particular, camLine is concerned with
    * Designing and implementing individual software solutions
    * Consulting, training, and support
    * Comprehensive network integration of production equipment
    * Distribution of own software products.

The software solutions are designed for extreme reliability and massive data throughput to meet the requirements of a 24/7 production. The applications are based on a three-tier client server architecture. The
source code is independent of  
    * Hardware
    * Operating systems
    * Databases

The communication is based on open interfaces which have been proved in the production area for a longtime.
Heinz Linsmaier, CEO, product management, marketing & sales
Bernhard Jofer, projects

Starting from the semiconductor and electronic industry the automotive. Medical, and photovoltaic industries became additional segments.

camLine’s software solutions are installed in many production areas throughout the world. camLine provides worldwide support through local distribution partners in the USA, Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore.

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