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Contract law for high tech companies·Corporate law·Labour law




Consulting·Contract law for high tech companies·Corporate law·Labour law·other



An der Dreikönigskirche 5
01097 Dresden

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Hendrik Kamp
+49 351 30707030

About this member

BIZ | LAW supports SMEs and corporations in the high technology industry in reaching their entrepreneurial goals both regionally and internationally by providing tailor made legal advice.
BIZ | LAW is an internationally-focused law firm for business and corporate law providing legal advice to young and mid-sized companies conducting business globally. We provide our clients – who come primarily from the high-tech micro and nanotechnology industry as well as photovoltaic and biotech – with reliable advice in all questions related to their international business activities – in particular in the American market.

Dresden is located in the heart of Europe’s largest microelectronics cluster, Silicon Saxony, and offers an excellent environment for growing regional businesses as well as domestic and foreign businesses looking to relocate here. We accompany you on the way to attaining your business goals.

Our attorneys are adept networkers who are also able to confidently operate in different cultures – not only in Europe but also America and Asia. Our clients benefit not only from our reliable legal representation but also from our well-established networks – in particular in Saxony and Germany.

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