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Cloud computing·Data management·Data Mining·Scalability·Semantic search technologies·Software Development




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Avantgarde Labs is a team of enthusiastic knowledge architects ? Our strength is the rapid integration and analysis of complex databases. We make sense out of data and develop semantic and context-sensitive next generation information systems for our clients. Our clients include companies from various industries ? from startups to Fortune 500 companies ? as well as public sector and cultural institutions.
The availability and use of Open Source Software and Open Data today allow companies of any size to develop information systems which were unthinkable just a few years ago. We are enthusiastic about these opportunities and use Enterprise Open Source Software such as Talend, RapidMiner and Hadoop in our work. When developing professional data management solutions, data mining applications, and semantic search technologies, we not only protect our client?s project budgets, but we also time maintain the most flexibility possible for the implementation of client specific requirements.
We also serve as innovation scouts for many of our clients. In this capacity, we help them to employ the latest technological developments and most cutting edge research in intelligent information systems field in practical applications.

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