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Automation Solutions·Cluster Systems·High Vacuum (HV)·Pre- and Post-Processing·Substrate Handling·Ultra High Vacuum (UHV)·Wafer Alignment·Wafer Handling·WHM WaferHandling.Module·WHR WaferHandling.Robot


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Adenso develops and supplies tailored solutions for substrate handling in high vacuum environments. With a company history spanning over 25 years, Adenso has successfully completed over 200 projects for satisfied customers in the semiconductor, optics and solar industries. All Adenso products are developed and manufactured in and around Dresden and are completely Made in Germany.


Substrate Handling Solutions for High Vacuum Environments

The modular VAC.ROBOTICS platform enables Adenso customers to configure highly customized complex cluster systems for their processes:

  • Individually configurable WHM WaferHandling.Modules are available with four to eight Process.Ports
  • Adenso WHR WaferHandling.Robots offer maximum load capacities and extreme ranges
  • Handling.Modules facilitate scaling the process to any capacity, from lab environments to industrial production
  • Alignment.Modules align, flip, or exchange substrates and carriers before or after processing
  • Processing.Modules provide pre- and post-processing options, such as heating, cooling, and pressure controls
  • Adenso’s proprietary cluster operating system adCONTROL is an object and event-oriented solution that operates independently from PLC hardware and offers flexibility regarding fieldbus interfaces
  • Adenso.ToolCloud offers site-independent tool monitoring

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