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Fully or Semi Auto up to 300mm Wafer Dicing Machine with smallest footprint by AD2000T/S, AD3000T/S or SS10 / SS20 / SS30

Wafer Dicing Machines
Our fully- and semi-automatic Twin Spindle Dicers feature high throughput, flexibility and reliability realized on smallest footprint and based on patent pending dicing spindel configuration.

ACCRETECH MAHOH Laser Dicer technology was the first in the market for a completely dry, dust-free cutting process. The highest quality cut and maximum production volume are achieved when processing wafers with cutting street widths wafer thickness down to 15µm.

  • Semi-Automatic Blade Dicers up to 300mm
  • Fully-Automatic Blade Dicers up to 300mm
  • Package Singulation Dicers
  • Laser Dicers
  • Dicing Service
High Precision 300mm Wafer Probing Machine UF3000EX / UF3000EX-e

Wafer Probing Machines
Our flagship Wafer Probers, the UF3000EX and UF2000 feature industry-leading accuracy, throughput and reliability. Recently, we introduced 200/300mm Frame-Handling Probers FP2000/3000 for processing ultra-thin wafers or diced wafers on frames.

  • High Accuracy and Speed
  • Ultra Thin Wafer
  • Frame Handling
  • High Voltage
  • Cold Probing
  • MEMS Probing, etc.
High Precision ACCRETECH Dicing Blades (all major types)

Precision ACCRETECH Dicing Blades
With the diamond, the world-hardest substance, super-abrasive grit,we offer the cutting blade and solution that are high quality and cost cutting

  • Nickel Bond Blades. Perfect for LED package and green sheet cutting
  • Resin Bond Blades for higher speed and longer life
  • Metal Bond Blades
  • Hub Type Blades
  • Ultra Hard Metal Saws
  • Dressing Plates to eliminate clogging
Integrated Wafer Thinning Solution PG3000RM

Polish Grinding Machines & High Rigidity Grinders for SiC/Sapphire
ACCRETECH polish grinders offers an integrated soltion for thinner wafer and damage removal required for system-in-package products and 3D mounting technology while eliminating wafer damage in transport.

Especially developed for thinning of hard materials we introduced the HRG300 which reduces CoO compared to existing grinding technologies for SiC or Sapphire.

For mafer manufacturer we provide equipment to improve quality and productivity of processes such as chamfering or profiling of wafer edges.

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