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Logistics optimization with live tracking data

Increasing pressure for efficiency due to complex supply chains, regulatory requirements, and rapidly advancing digitization makes it critical for companies to make their supply chains transparent, agile, and resilient while actively managing the customer experience. However, inconsistent data, lack of real-time information, and limited data outside their own systems pose significant challenges.

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The Spectos Live Tracking solution is an integrated system for logging, monitoring and analyzing the supply chain based on real-time data about location, temperature and light changes. Consisting of proprietary trackers, a sophisticated cloud platform and connected digital services, the system ensures that all stakeholders can seamlessly track shipments worldwide. Use the Live Tracking Portal to optimize your logistics operations and provide the best possible service to your customers!

Lack of end-to-end visibility – a challenge for logistics

The lack of end-to-end supply chain visibility, whether global or regional, is a huge challenge for many companies. While data from scan events at specific waypoints such as receiving, warehouse management, shipment preparation and returns processing provide important insights into shipment progress, the sections between barcode scanning and the overall end-to-end process often remain a black box. Many companies have no knowledge of the exact procedures and workflows, and questions arise such as:

  • Which routes are actually used by the logistics partner?
  • Why does a shipment take so much time to transport?
  • Where do shipment losses occur and how can they be avoided?
  • How well do new routes or new partners actually work?

In addition, the detection of unplanned shipment openings is proving difficult, and there is a lack of automated warnings in the event of deviations in the route, delivery time, lay times and other parameters. The monitoring of partners in the logistics network also proves to be problematic.

The Spectos Live Tracking Portal is designed to meet these challenges. It ensures that companies can better understand and control processes that were previously non-transparent.

  • Monitoring the routes used enables companies to evaluate the efficiency of their logistics partners and make informed, data-based decisions.
  • Monitoring shipment times helps to identify bottlenecks and delays at an early stage and to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Identifying shipment losses and unplanned openings ensures quick action and minimizes financial losses and image damage.
  • Assessing existing and new routes and partners end-to-end ensures continuous supply chain optimization.

In addition, automated alerts for deviations increase proactive supply chain management and responsiveness.

Smart logistics with the Spectos Live Tracking Portal – this is how it works!

The Live Tracking Portal is a full-service solution from Spectos GmbH. The data collection is done by own trackers. With the size of a credit card and weighing only 48 grams, they can be easily inserted in a wide variety of shipments, including letters, parcels, pallets, containers and trolleys.

Depending on the use case, the trackers use various technologies for location data transmission such as cellular (3G/4G), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. For added flexibility, external USB-C interfaces are used to connect sensors for measuring temperature and humidity.

The trackers have a battery life of up to one year, depending on the frequency of data transmission. Due to the use of cellular networks, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, shipments and goods become trackable even inside buildings and containers. If precise location determination is required, an additionally activatable GPS on demand ensures very accurate localization.

The integrated light sensors on the front and back of the trackers ensure information about openings of shipments and containers by detecting changes in the light environment. In addition, via geofences stored in the platform and automatic alerts, the supply chain is controlled based on a management-by-exception approach.

The Live Tracking Portal consists of 3 modules:

  1. Hardware Management: management of tracker inventory.
  2. Mission Management: management of tracker settings
  3. Mission Analysis: data evaluation

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Use cases for the Live Tracking Portal

  • Precise delivery information: The Live Tracking Portal ensures accurate monitoring of partner and cross-border shipments. You receive detailed information about the current delivery status to always keep track.
  • Early detection of delivery delays: Through the Live Tracking Portal, you identify delivery delays at an early stage, be it due to longer layovers, customs clearance, delayed sorting or late shipping. This allows you to take proactive measures and find alternative solutions for your supply chain.
  • Detection of unexpected openings/theft: The Live Tracking Portal helps you detect unexpected openings such as theft, damage or repackaging of shipments. Real-time monitoring allows you to react quickly and take appropriate action early to ensure the security and integrity of your goods.
  • Deviation detection: With the Spectos Live Tracking Portal, you identify deviations, such as incorrect routes or stray shipments. This enables you to detect and react to bottlenecks and inefficient processes immediately to ensure optimal delivery quality.
  • Comparison of routes, partners and carriers: Based on the tracking data, the Spectos Live Tracking Portal offers you a comparison of routes, partners and carriers. This allows you to make informed decisions and select the best options for your deliveries.
  • End-to-end proof for customers: Customer access to the Spectos Live Tracking Portal provides your customers with comprehensive end-to-end proof. With live visibility into the locations of their current shipments, your customers are always informed and confidence in the delivery process is ensured.

“Reliably delivering half a billion items in top quality via a complex network of independent delivery companies is a demanding task. To meet our very high quality standards, complete transparency of our network is essential. Thanks to the Spectos Live Tracking Portal, we have the ability to examine our logistics operations from end-to-end. This powerful tool allows us to test routes and partners and continuously optimize our processes, true to our slogan P2 – DIE ZWEITE POST. Quality day after day.” (Florian D. Jungmeier, General Manager | P2 Die Zweite Post GmbH & Co. KG)

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