Infineon: Supply contract with Semikron Danfoss for chips for electromobility

July 12, 2023. Analysts predict that by 2028, two-thirds of all vehicles produced will be equipped with a fully or partially electrified powertrain. This rapid growth in electromobility is driving demand for power semiconductors. Against this background, Infineon Technologies AG and Semikron Danfoss have signed a multi-year volume contract for the supply of silicon-based chips for electromobility. Infineon will supply chipsets consisting of IGBTs and diodes to Semikron Danfoss. These will mainly be used in power modules for inverters used in the powertrain of electric vehicles.

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“As the world’s leading supplier of semiconductors for the automotive industry, Infineon enables pioneering solutions for clean and safe mobility. Our IGBTs and diodes play an important role in the transformation towards electromobility, as they make power conversion in the electric powertrain very efficient,” said Peter Schiefer, President of Infineon’s Automotive Division. “Our broad product portfolio, our system know-how and our continuous investments in our own manufacturing capacity make us a valued partner of the automotive industry and players like Semikron Danfoss.”

Claus A. Petersen, president of Semikron Danfoss, adds, “Semikron Danfoss supplies automotive customers with power modules based on the most advanced assembly technologies that fully exploit the capabilities of IGBTs and diodes. This enables the further decarbonization of the transportation sector. Automotive customers trust us as an experienced and long-term partner to drive change in the industry.”

Infineon manufactures the IGBTs and diodes for Semikron Danfoss at its sites in Dresden, Germany, and in Kulim, Malaysia. Semikron Danfoss manufactures its own automotive power modules in Nuremberg and Flensburg, in Utica (USA) and, starting next year, in Nanjing (China).

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