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Infineon: Roadmap for state-of-the-art and energy-efficient power supply units in AI data centers presented

May 24, 2024. The triumph of artificial intelligence is leading to increasing energy requirements for data centers worldwide. This also increases the requirements for an efficient and reliable energy supply for servers. Against this background, Infineon Technologies AG is opening a new chapter in the field of energy systems for artificial intelligence and is presenting a roadmap for power supply units (PSU) that not only covers the current and future energy requirements of AI data centers, but also focuses on the topic of energy efficiency.

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By introducing unprecedented PSU performance classes, Infineon enables cloud data center and AI server operators to reduce their energy consumption for system cooling. The innovative PSUs reduce power consumption and carbon emissions, resulting in lower lifetime operating costs. The powerful PSUs will not only be used in the data centers of the future, but can also replace existing power supply units in servers and increase efficiency.

In addition to the PSUs with an output of 3 kW and 3.3 kW already available, new 8 kW and 12 kW PSUs will contribute to further increasing energy efficiency in AI data centers in the future. With the 12 kW reference board, Infineon will soon offer the world’s first power supply unit that achieves this level of performance and supplies the data centers of the future with power.

“Infineon is bringing energy to artificial intelligence – and providing an answer to an urgent question of our time, namely how the growing energy requirements of data centers can be met as efficiently as possible,” says Adam White, Division President Power & Sensor Systems at Infineon. “This development was made possible by our expertise in the three semiconductor materials silicon (Si), silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN), which we combine in a single module. Our PSU portfolio is thus not only an example of Infineon’s innovative strength, which leads to first-class results in performance, efficiency and reliability for data centers and the AI ecosystem. It also solidifies Infineon’s market leadership in power semiconductors.”

Infineon is thus responding to data center operators’ requirements for higher system efficiency and lower downtime. The growth of server and data center applications has already led to an increase in power requirements, necessitating the development of power supplies with ever increasing power ratings from 800 W up to 5.5 kW and beyond. This increase is driven by the increasing power requirements of Graphic Process Units (GPU) on which AI applications are computed.

High-performance GPUs require up to 1 kW per chip. It can be assumed that consumption will increase to 2 kW and more by the end of the decade. This will lead to higher overall energy requirements for data centers. Depending on the scenario, data centers could account for up to seven percent of global power consumption by 2030, an order of magnitude comparable to India’s current power consumption.

Infineon’s new PSUs thus contribute to efforts to limit the carbon footprint of AI data centers despite their rapidly growing energy requirements. This is made possible by a particularly high level of efficiency that minimizes power losses. The new generation PSUs from Infineon achieve an efficiency of 97.5 percent and thus meet the strictest performance requirements. The new 8 kW PSU is capable of supporting AI racks with an output of up to 300 kW and more. The efficiency and power density is increased to 100 watts per in³ compared to 32 W/in³ in the already available 3 kW PSU, bringing further economies of scale for the system and cost savings for operators.

Technologically, this is made possible by the unique combination of the three semiconductor materials Si, SiC and GaN. These technologies contribute to the sustainability and reliability of AI server and data center systems. Innovative semiconductors based on wide-bandgap materials such as SiC and GaN are the key to a conscious and efficient use of energy to drive decarbonization.

The 8kW Power Supply Unit will be available in the first quarter of 2025. For more information about the PSU roadmap, please click here.

Infineon at PCIM Europe 2024

PCIM Europe will take place from June 11-13, 2024 in Nuremberg, Germany. Infineon will present its products and solutions for decarbonization and digitalization in Hall 7, Booths 470 and 169. Representatives of the company will also give several presentations at the accompanying PCIM Conference and PCIM Forums, followed by discussions with the speakers. Those interested in speaking with experts can make an appointment at Industry analysts can contact by e-mail. Information about Infineon’s highlights at PCIM 2024 is available at

About Infineon

Infineon Technologies AG is a leading global provider of semiconductor solutions for power systems and the Internet of Things (IoT). With its products and solutions, Infineon is driving decarbonization and digitalization. The company has around 58,600 employees worldwide and generated sales of around 16.3 billion euros in the 2023 financial year (end of September).

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