Infineon: Infineon and Kontrol jointly improve safety of autonomous vehicles

June 30, 2023. Infineon Technologies AG and the Austrian company Kontrol for Product Compliance enter into a strategic partnership. Together, they are shaping the future of mobility to be as legally compliant and safe as possible. Because in the field of autonomous driving, legal requirements, standards, norms and court rulings still pose major challenges for all market participants. For authorities and vehicle approval services, the challenge is to find a safe and cost-effective approach to approving autonomous driving in public transport – typically in the form of laws and technologies.

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Kontrol translates and digitizes complex legal requirements and relevant road traffic standards and regulations into machine-readable language. The company’s KoPilot technology verifies that integrated driver assistance functions are operating in compliance with the law. Infineon’s AURIX™ microcontroller family is compatible and scalable in terms of processor core, package, safety and peripherals. This concept enables a simple upgrade path. As a result, Infineon and Kontrol can provide their customers with the necessary regulatory updates at any time, ensuring road safety in accordance with current standards. Together, the two companies can safely integrate the digital driver’s license for autonomous vehicles into intelligent driver assistance systems.

“The software technology of our ecosystem partner Kontrol is reliably implemented on the AURIX microcontroller architecture. This is a step forward in building confidence in autonomous driving technology through a deterministic, algorithm-based solution. This is capable of providing law-based, regulatory frameworks for vehicles on the road,” said Lars Wemme, Vice President ADAS, Chassis & EE Architecture at Infineon.

“We are very pleased to have a strong partner on our side who trusts in our technology and believes in the future of autonomous driving,” said Andreas Lauringer, CEO and co-founder of Kontrol. “With Infineon as the world’s leading expert in automotive semiconductors, together we can make tomorrow’s mobility safer.”

About Kontrol
Kontrol is a deep-tech SaaS company based in Linz, Austria. Founded in 2017, the company translates complex legal regulations and standards into machine-readable language and integrates them into intelligent driver assistance systems. This enables manufacturers and suppliers to easily implement legally compliant automated driving functions. Kontrol’s technology is used in vehicles, drones and robots. The company works with leading companies such as Thales, Bosch and Magna and has a team of more than 20 employees in Austria, Germany, China and the U.S.

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