IMM electronics: Management buy-out secures the future of the company

March 20, 2024. After more than 30 years of successful company history, IMM electronics GmbH is taking a new path. With a management buy-out (MBO) process, the company was acquired in January 2024 by a consortium led by the current managing directors and the WMS Wachstumsfonds Mittelstand Sachsen. This transaction secures the future of the company and marks a significant milestone in its development.

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From left to right: CFO René In der Stroth, CEO Matthias Banowski and COO André Strobach. Photo: IMM electronics

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90% of the shares in IMM electronics GmbH were acquired from the owner Detlev Müller via a joint acquisition holding company. Prof. Müller, the former shareholder and company founder, retains 10% of the shares and will remain associated with the company in this way.

The new trio of managing directors, consisting of Matthias Banowski (CEO), René In der Stroth (CFO) and André Strobach (COO), bring extensive experience and a breath of fresh air to the company. They emphasize their appreciation for the experience and values that have shaped IMM electronics GmbH and are determined to actively shape the future of the company.

“Nothing will change for IMM’s customers and partners,” emphasizes the trio of managing directors. “We will remain the reliable partner that you know and value. With our commitment and expertise, we will continue to offer innovative solutions and first-class service.”

IMM electronics GmbH would like to thank its customers and partners for their many years of loyalty and looks forward to continuing to be successful together.

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Photo: IMM electronics

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