Global solutions for local challenges – How international recruitment enriches the software industry

The demand for qualified specialists now far exceeds the supply, so companies are increasingly recruiting abroad. With intap networks full-service recruiting offer, it facilitates the search for suitable tech specialists and provide support throughout the entire relocation process.

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One company that has successfully gone down this path with us is elevait. Find out how they master international recruiting and what tips they have to offer in our joint interview.

intap: Hello Severin! Nice to meet you. Before we get started, please briefly introduce elevait to our readers.

Severin: We are an AI startup based in Dresden and Triberg in the Black Forest. elevait supports organizations of all sizes in the automation of repetitive procedures in daily business processes with the help of our elevait suite software solutions. Our team has grown to around 90 employees from 17 nations. We live a corporate culture in which concerns are voiced and improvement processes are proactively initiated.

intap: How do you ensure that the values live on within the company?

Severin: We make sure that our candidates are a good fit on a personal level as well as in terms of their professional skills. We also take a lot of time for onboarding and make sure that our colleagues understand our business and our customers, regardless of the area in which they will bring their added value to the company.

intap: Thank you for the insight into your corporate culture. How do you promote diversity within the team?

Severin: If you look at our company in figures, it is as multicultural as it gets. In our enthusiasm for various leisure activities and spontaneous team events, we also have regular meet-ups that make it easier for new team members to join in. For example, there is AI Soccer or Board Game Night.

intap: What is your corporate language?

Severin: We work entirely in English. There may be the occasional meeting in German, but the notes are still taken in English. When we work with customers, we make sure that there are suitable solutions and what requirements are necessary. This can sometimes be in German, but nowadays it’s not that unusual to speak English in IT.

intap: That’s right! Many medium-sized companies still work in German and are beginning to see the need for English. Do you also have employees who work remotely?

Severin: Yes. Workation is also an important topic. We feel obliged to pay attention to the fact that there are people who now live and work in Germany for elevait or for other reasons, but their loved ones live somewhere else in the world. Everyone wants to spend time with their family.

intap: How do you go about recruiting international talent?

Severin: We distribute our job advertisements via the established portals, social media or our recruiting partners. Programs such as #HalloIndia are also helpful. We work together with you, for example. Companies that specialize in bringing skilled workers from a specific country to Germany – that’s a great concept and works very well. You should simply take advantage of this support.

intap: That makes us happy! Have there been any situations that were very surprising for you when recruiting international specialists?

Severin: Sure! There are always stumbling blocks that you haven’t thought of because you simply don’t have the expertise. For example, everything to do with visas. But also the integration into the country, the city. As a company, there is a natural limit that should not be crossed and not every hurdle can be solved by us. However, we can help by making contact with communities or paying for language courses. Taking international employees by the hand, providing information and ensuring a connection within the team is something a company can offer itself.

intap: Your personal well-being has a huge impact on whether you feel comfortable at work. This makes it all the more important that you as a company place value on this.

Severin: It’s sensational to work with so many different cultures.

intap: So you would say that hiring international specialists is a complete success?

Severin: Yes, absolutely. Of course, it’s also a lot of work. Although to be fair, I have to say that hiring new team members is always a lot of work for any company, even if it’s not multicultural. But here in Germany, employees are already socially established in their environment and integration is not necessary. But if this is neglected, it won’t end well.

intap: Do you have any tips for companies that are thinking about hiring skilled workers from abroad?

Severin: The most important tip is to be honest with yourself and seek help if necessary. There are great companies that specialize in helping in this area. Talking to other companies is also worth its weight in gold. It’s also important to ask your international colleagues directly if you want to know something about the culture. It’s not always an easy path. But it is an incredibly beautiful journey. The possibilities are endless.


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The interviewee

Severin Kehding
Engineering Manager | elevait

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The interview was conducted

Sabine Werder
Strategy & Communication Consultant | intap network GmbH

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