Fraunhofer: Fraunhofer Match becomes a bridge between business and research

January 25, 2024. At a time when technology is evolving very rapidly, companies are often faced with the challenge of keeping up with innovation or finding customized solutions to their technological challenges and problems. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, one of the leading organizations for application-oriented research worldwide, has recognized this need and developed a new digital platform called Fraunhofer Match (www.match.fraunhofer.de).

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A new tool for fast, digitally supported collaboration

With 76 Fraunhofer Institutes and over 30,000 employees, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft covers many areas of applied science. These include digitalization, energy, health, innovation research, hydrogen, quantum technology, artificial intelligence, aerospace, light and surface technology, construction research, mechanical engineering, materials science, microelectronics, mobility and resource technologies.

Fraunhofer Match now offers a central point of contact for all Fraunhofer institutes and facilities and brings interested parties together with the right experts within Fraunhofer. The platform is now available to all companies and organizations that are facing technological challenges or need support with innovation and transformation, for example.

From inquiry to tailor-made solution

Companies and organizations can now use Fraunhofer Match to place their research inquiries securely and confidentially and quickly and easily get in touch with competent discussion partners as well as initial solution approaches. The process is simple for enquirers: the problem or project is first entered into an easy-to-understand form on the platform. The request is then assigned to a fixed contact person at Fraunhofer, who coordinates the search for a solution. Innovative match-making is then used to ensure that the request reaches the appropriate researchers. They then respond to the request with a customized solution outline. Consolidated solutions are sent to the enquirer via Fraunhofer Match and the direct contact person.

The platform thus offers an easy way to find suitable experts and to network. Companies and organizations benefit from the expertise and competent researchers at Fraunhofer and strengthen their innovative capacity in an uncomplicated and needs-based manner. Fraunhofer works very successfully with all customer groups – from large companies to small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups to public organizations.

Register at www.match.fraunhofer.de and let the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft know about your research inquiry or challenge.

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👉 www.match.fraunhofer.de

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