DUALIS: DUALIS and Center Integrated Business Applications implement research project

May 27, 2024. DUALIS GmbH IT Solution is now an official member of the Center Integrated Business Applications (CIBA). The aim is to jointly develop future-proof IT system landscapes and enable manufacturing companies to sustainably increase their added value. DUALIS contributes expertise in the fields of Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) and 3D simulation. In an initial joint research project, the ongoing development of the event-driven integration platform at Demonstrationsfabrik Aachen GmbH (DFA) is to be concretized with the help of relevant use cases. The aim is to make the DFA’s data ecosystem openly usable for enrolled members in the future.

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The future of manufacturing companies lies in the integrated networking of their systems to create a high-performance IT system landscape. The Center Integrated Business Applications has set itself the task of shaping this in such a way that companies work economically and in a way that increases value, while at the same time acting in an ecologically and socially sustainable manner and involving all companies involved in value creation.

“Our aim in this partnership is to work together with CIBA on pioneering topics and research areas in the core areas of DUALIS – production planning and material flow simulation. The exchange with CIBA experts on trends such as artificial intelligence and sustainability is extremely enriching for DUALIS. We also have access to the CIBA’s resources and facilities, including the Innovation Lab and the real production environment of the Demonstration Factory Aachen (DFA). This allows us to test and validate new products and concepts,” says Heike Wilson, Managing Director of DUALIS GmbH IT Solution.

CIBA expands its sphere of influence in the industrial environment

The CIBA benefits from the exchange with the DUALIS team, which specializes in production, planning and optimisation software. In addition, Heike Wilson is a member of the FIR e. V. Research Advisory Board and thus also contributes the topics to the research context of the FIR ecosystem, to which the CIBA belongs.

“With DUALIS, we have been able to gain one of the leading companies in the field of APS software. Together, we are focusing on the development and optimization of production environments. DUALIS’ expertise helps us to identify real challenges from practice and to develop solutions with real added value for industry within innovation projects,” says Katharina Berwing, Center Manager of CIBA. By working on research topics, DUALIS is able to incorporate the knowledge gained into its own product development at an early stage and align its portfolio with the changing needs of production companies.

Research project: Event-driven integration platform

One of the core objectives of the Center Integrated Business Applications is the definition and implementation of R&E projects together with the members of the Center community and selected partner institutes of RWTH Aachen University.

The CIBA has a close connection to the research activities of the FIR at RWTH Aachen University within the FIR ecosystem. This makes it possible to transfer relevant challenges and trends from practice into projects and studies at the center in order to develop solutions for industry.

“Complex system landscapes require modularity of system solutions in order to be able to develop, maintain and control them. Event-driven IT architectures provide a future-proof target image for the sustainable implementation of digitalization in industry. One of our first projects will therefore be to concretize the ongoing development of the event-driven integration platform in the Demonstration Factory Aachen with the help of relevant use cases. This should make the DFA’s data ecosystem openly usable for enrolled members in the future,” says Heike Wilson.

An event-driven microservice architecture (EDA) enables separate systems from different business areas to work together with minimal coordination. Systems are designed to respond to the occurrence of events instead of waiting for requests. These events can represent different types of actions, state changes or user interactions.

“Overall, EDA enables the development of highly responsive, scalable and flexible systems that are well suited to complex system landscapes often found in industry. Advantages include fast response times and personalized services. With the research project, members benefit from a strong data ecosystem, which in turn serves as a blueprint for industrial companies,” explains Heike Wilson.

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