Discovery tour through Europe’s microelectronics powerhouse: Silicon Saxony welcomes 40-strong delegation to Dresden

23 June 2023. Silicon Saxony welcomed an international delegation to Dresden from 19 to 22 June 2023. The aim of this exciting journey of discovery was to get to know the local high-tech ecosystem of Saxony, which is known as Europe’s stronghold of microelectronics. With over 40 participants from ten European countries, this exchange of knowledge and ideas promoted collaboration and innovation in the dynamic field of microelectronics, the Internet of Things and smart systems.

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Enriching exchange of knowledge, ideas and innovations
Over the course of three eventful days, participants had the unique opportunity to interact with Saxon companies, tour state-of-the-art facilities and immerse themselves in the region’s vibrant innovation ecosystem. The mission’s carefully crafted programme included a range of activities, from captivating company presentations to insightful lectures and inspiring facility tours. The focus on smart systems, IoT and semiconductor technology ensured that each:r participant:in gained invaluable insights and experience.

Day 1: Pitches, presentations and conversations with industry leaders
The trip began with a captivating series of pitches from Saxon companies at the renowned Smart Systems Hub. These captivating presentations showcased the region’s innovation and entrepreneurial spirit and left participants impressed by the diversity of ideas and solutions. The subsequent visit to the IoT Lab offered an insight into cutting-edge research and development in the field of connected devices, revealing state-of-the-art prototypes and inspiring opportunities for IoT technologies. The day continued with visits to renowned institutions such as Fraunhofer, Bosch and Volkswagen’s Transparent Factory, where groundbreaking research and industry-leading innovations were presented.

Day 2: Silicon Saxony Day – promoting collaboration and international exchange
The second day saw the highly anticipated Silicon Saxony Day, an annual event dedicated to promoting collaboration, knowledge sharing and networking. B2B meetings facilitated face-to-face meetings between participants and Saxony companies, creating a lively platform for exploring potential partnerships and collaborations. Throughout the day, insightful pitches and demonstrations showcased the expertise and achievements of local companies across a range of sectors, underlining Silicon Saxony’s global appeal as a centre of innovation.

Day 3: Exploring state-of-the-art facilities and breakthrough technologies
The final day featured visits to well-known industrial companies that revealed the intricate processes behind state-of-the-art microchip production. Infineon’s Window Tour offered an exclusive insight into advanced semiconductor manufacturing, where precision, reliability and scalability are paramount. At Fabmatics, participants were fascinated by the company’s expertise in automated material handling and robotics and were able to see how they optimise production efficiency in cleanroom environments. The day concluded with a visit to GlobalFoundries, where some of the group were able to experience first-hand the fascinating world of semiconductor manufacturing in a cleanroom.

A total of 16 organisations took part in the trip to Silicon Saxony made possible by the EXCITE project, including delegations from Austria, Bulgaria, France, Finland, Lithuania, Poland and Turkey, as well as representatives from our European projects Silicon Eurocluster and MIND4MACHINES.

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