DAS Environmental Expert: Thanks to Saxon technologies, the environment breathes a sigh of relief

Environmental technologies are booming. Demand for solutions for the purification and treatment of industrial waste gases and wastewater is rising worldwide. This is mainly due to the growing awareness for sustainable management and resource conservation. DAS Environmental Expert GmbH is responding to this and growing. But where others jump on the bandwagon, the company talks about its core business: For more than 30 years, everything at the headquarters in Dresden has revolved around clean air and clean water. Now, Saxony’s most important business award honors the entrepreneurial commitment of the globally positioned technology company. For the prominent jury of experts made up of representatives from leading Saxon media and business companies, Managing Director René Reichardt is “Saxony’s Entrepreneur of the Year”.

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The honoring with the main prize took place during the 18th award ceremony of the Saxon Entrepreneur Award in the Transparent Factory of VW in Dresden. The jury praised the combination of exportable environmental protection “Made in Germany” and personal commitment of the entrepreneurial personality René Reichardt.

“Green technologies create sustainable jobs. Whether in Asia, Latin and Central Europe or here in Europe, our products and expertise are highly valued everywhere. The award is therefore due to the entire DAS team. With a lot of passion and commitment, we have grown together into a strong community worldwide. I am incredibly proud of this. At the same time, the award is an incentive for us. Because we want to continue to make our contribution to a livable, grandchild-friendly future,” says René Reichardt, Managing Director of DAS Environmental Expert GmbH.

Economic success, global presence and healthy company growth.

DAS Environmental Expert GmbH is now one of the world’s three largest suppliers of exhaust gas purification and water treatment systems for the semiconductor industry. Early on, the Saxon-based environmental technology company established its global presence where the leading sites of the semiconductor industry have developed. In the meantime, it is impossible to imagine a factory without DAS, where state-of-the-art semiconductors, flat panel displays, light emitting diodes or solar cells are produced. DAS plants there clean industrial waste gases and, increasingly, wastewater generated during the manufacture of the high-tech products.

Investments ensure competitiveness and attractiveness as employer

DAS is successfully holding its own in the face of tough international competition. Key to its success are investments worth millions in research and development as well as innovations in established and new products. In addition, the environmental experts have gradually expanded their headquarters in Dresden Goppeln into a modern technology and innovation campus in recent years. Production capacities have been more than doubled, a co-working space offers creative working environments, a gym promotes personal well-being, a conference center creates space for knowledge transfer and idea exchange, and the canteen offers healthy and varied meals.

In developing the site, DAS attached great importance to a sustainable and resource-saving energy and building concept from the outset. The heating and cooling supply of the new production hall is provided by heat pumps and deep boreholes. The existing granary was sustainably renovated and converted into a storage hall. In addition, the company has created 30 charging stations for electric vehicles and 150 bicycle parking spaces to promote sustainable mobility for its employees. DAS Environmental Expert now employs more than 850 people on three continents with ten offices worldwide. Just recently, the Dresdner opened a new branch in Malaysia, because the island state is considered an important future market in Asia.

Saxony’s Entrepreneur of the Year leads with inspiration and vision.

Managing Director René Reichardt joined DAS Environmental Expert GmbH in 2005 and was initially responsible for setting up the service and sales companies in China and Vietnam. At the end of 2009, he returned to the DAS headquarters in Dresden and took over the management and strategic development of the water treatment business unit. Since June 2016, René Reichardt has been Managing Director of DAS Environmental Expert GmbH and will lead the company as sole Managing Director from 2021. In an honorary capacity, René Reichardt is committed to the sustainable development of the semiconductor industry, among other things on the board of the high-tech network Silicon Saxony e.V. and on the Advisory Board of SEMI.

His experiences in a volatile semiconductor industry with economic fluctuations have shaped René Reichardt. “There is no question that we have benefited from the semiconductor boom of recent years, but we also invest to a particular extent in new ideas, concepts, products and creative minds. Because we have learned that the bull is followed by the bear, and we want to be prepared for that,” says René Reichardt, avoiding the buzzword resilience. But it is precisely this concept that is his key to success, today and in the future.

About the company

DAS Environmental Expert GmbH, based in Dresden, Germany, is an environmental technology company. Founded in 1991, the company develops process and plant solutions for the treatment of industrial waste gases and wastewater. The company is a leading global technology and equipment supplier of treatment and disposal solutions for process waste gases (e.g. burner scrubbers, wet scrubbers, fine dust or condensate separators) used in the semiconductor, flat panel display, LED and solar industries. The company also provides comprehensive wastewater engineering services and equipment maintenance for plant operators. DAS Environmental Expert operates globally and employs more than 850 people.


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