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Automation describes the transfer of tasks and processes from people to machines and systems. Processes are automated to increase efficiency and productivity, reduce costs and improve quality. Automation can be used in various areas, such as production, logistics, administration or in the field of information technology. Smart” automation can reduce costs, improve quality and open up new business areas.

Initiative from Saxony

Robot Valley

Saxony’s Robot Valley is a network of companies, research institutions and universities in Saxony that specializes in the development and production of robotics and automation solutions. The network was founded in 2015 and is based in Dresden. The goal of Saxony’s Robot Valley is to promote cooperation between companies, research institutions and universities and to advance the development of robotics and automation solutions.

Silicon Saxony offers

Working Group “Advanced Automation & Robotics

The Silicon Saxony working group “Advanced Automation & Robotics” is part of the Saxon initiative “Robot Valley”. Network here with regional players and benefit from knowledge and technology transfer in the field of automation and robotics. Exchange information regularly with experts and users in the field.

Automation advantages

Increase efficiency

By automating processes, tasks can be completed faster and more efficiently. Machines and systems work around the clock and can thus achieve higher productivity than human workers.

Quality improvement

Automated processes are less error-prone than manual processes because they are based on predefined rules and algorithms. This can minimize errors and improve the quality of products or services.

Cost reduction

Automating processes can reduce costs by requiring fewer workers and making processes more efficient. In addition, it is possible to reduce downtime by automating maintenance and repair work.

Special “Autonomous Systems

The Silicon Saxony Day offers an annual special on the topic of “Autonomous Systems”. Presentations by renowned companies such as KUKA, PowerOn and Fraunhofer will show the full range of automation. Be there!


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