Comarch: E-Invoicing obligation – Comarch collaborates on statement for the government

The planned e-invoicing obligation in Germany is beginning to take shape. As part of its association work, Comarch has been actively involved in commenting on the discussion draft of the BMF (Federal Ministry of Finance).

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As one of a small number of e-invoicing providers, Comarch actively contributed to the document, which is now being forwarded to the government, by providing feedback on various points. This discussion process accompanies the German government’s planned introduction of mandatory electronic invoicing for domestic B2B sales.

“Our EDI customers, as large companies with high invoice volumes, are very much affected by the e-invoicing obligation. Therefore, it is particularly important to us to make the wishes and needs of these companies visible, to introduce them to authorities and thus to actively shape the e-invoicing obligations,” says Paula Müller, EDI & E-Invoicing Consutant at Comarch.

Important notes.

The discussion draft has been extensively analyzed and commented on by Comarch, including practicality and technical feasibility. Upon request, Comarch is happy to provide detailed information on the content of the discussion draft and its own assessment of it: Contact Comarch

E-Invoicing Obligations: Learning from other countries

This work also incorporated knowledge from other countries where e-invoicing obligations have been accompanied. Comarch E-Invoicing is an EDI-based software that is used worldwide. The solution is designed for fast and protected transmission of invoices as well as comprehensive archiving. Business experts, IT specialists and lawyers at Comarch provide comprehensive support to user companies. Accordingly, the company is also involved in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia by supporting the introduction and implementation of new legal requirements. Comarch’s e-invoicing atlas provides an overview of the various regulations that apply internationally.

About Comarch

Comarch is a manufacturer of innovative IT systems for key sectors of the economy and is one of the largest IT companies in Europe. The software specialist supports customers in the areas of trade and services, industry, IT infrastructure, healthcare, finance, banking and insurance or telecommunications. The self-developed products such as ERP, IOT and Business Intelligence are used by SMEs throughout German-speaking countries and beyond. Products and solutions such as Comarch Loyalty Marketing, EDI & E-Invoicing or ICT are used by many large international companies in more than 100 countries. Mobile solutions such as Comarch ERP XT are aimed at small businesses. The IT portfolio includes numerous innovative software products, services and flexible on-premise or cloud models. Customers include companies such as Victorinox, Heathrow Airport, BP, Metro, Vodafone and T-Mobile. Comarch invests large amounts in research & development every year. The company currently employs around 7,000 experts in over 90 offices in more than 30 countries.

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