BMWK: New funding call for the innovation program for business models and pioneering solutions launched

February 19, 2024. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK) is launching a new call for funding in the Innovation Program for Business Models and Pioneering Solutions (IGP) today. It is aimed at innovations for better learning and working. The IGP supports the development of market-oriented, non-technical innovations developed by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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Parliamentary State Secretary Michael Kellner: “Our future economic strength depends largely on the implementation of innovative ideas. We need to focus on new technologies, but also on non-technical innovations such as new organizational models and creative concepts. They can unfold their potential in particular where communication and interaction are involved and thus also provide positive impetus for the education and work of tomorrow. New ideas for learning formats, workplace designs, digital collaboration and many other topics can improve people’s everyday learning and working lives. We rely on the diversity of creative minds in companies and support them in the realization of innovations.

The current call for funding is aimed at business models and pioneering solutions for better learning and working. These include, for example, new concepts for labor market integration or lifelong learning, tools and designs for the workplace, gamification solutions for school education and career guidance as well as innovations in the area of New Work. The target group is SMEs (including start-ups, the self-employed, social enterprises) as well as research institutions cooperating with the companies, such as universities. The best ideas will be determined competitively in a multi-stage process; the first step is to submit applications by April 30, 2024.

The next IGP funding call is also already being planned. It is expected to start in the summer and will address business models and pioneering solutions in the areas of health and care, for example innovative solutions to improve care, prevention and rehabilitation as well as new designs and concepts for inclusion innovations or dignified ageing. Further calls for funding on changing future topics will follow. The budget is expected to be around 10 million euros each time.

With its focus on non-technical innovations, the IGP is expanding and modernizing the support system for entrepreneurial ideas. It is in particularly high demand from small, young companies, often from modern service sectors such as the digital, social or creative industries. Further information on the IGP and the current call for funding: www.bmwk.de/igp.

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👉 www.bmwk.de/igp 

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