Bender: Partnership for innovation and electromobility

November 3, 2023: Bender GmbH & Co. KG, one of the world’s leading providers of solutions that make electrical infrastructures smart and safe, and PIONIX GmbH, an emerging company focused on solving electromobility challenges, announce their strategic collaboration.

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Together for safety and innovation

The charging infrastructure ecosystem is currently characterized by proprietary and provider-specific solutions. This poses numerous challenges, such as incompatibilities between specific solutions and different implementations of industry standards. This often leads to high development costs and expenses on the provider side. In order to accelerate the pace of innovation in the field of electromobility, PIONIX has initiated the open source project EVerest. The operating system for charging stations is a fully comprehensive software stack that supports all relevant industry standards, such as OCPP, ISO 15118 and IEC-61851, and can be used freely by companies thanks to an industry-friendly and commercially usable open source license.

To ensure the important aspect of electrical safety and future-proofing in charging station development, PIONIX has integrated a communication interface to the proven Bender sensors into its open source software. These sensors include a patented solution for insulation monitoring in DC charging solutions and 6mA DC fault current sensors for AC charging solutions. Bender’s DC solution ensures precise insulation integrity monitoring in DC charging systems, while the patented 6mA DC fault current sensor technology ensures the highest safety standards in AC charging systems. The integration of these sensors into the open source software guarantees the highest safety standards in electromobility and contributes to the successful development of future charging infrastructure solutions.

Insight into the future

The partnership between Bender and PIONIX marks a decisive step in the further development of electromobility and charging infrastructure. It combines the expertise of an established industry leader with the innovative strength of an up-and-coming company. Together, Bender and PIONIX are focusing on safety, sustainability and the promotion of environmentally friendly mobility. The cooperation between Bender and PIONIX goes beyond technology.


Founded in 2021, PIONIX GmbH is the leading pioneer in open source software for charging electric vehicles and has initiated the open source project EVerest. The aim of EVerest is to create a uniform EV charging ecosystem and establish standards for the charging infrastructure. In close cooperation with leading players in the electric mobility industry, PIONIX developed a solution that simplifies and optimizes the development of charging controllers for charging stations.

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