A day with Zeller+Gmelin – New animated film about our products in everyday life

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Zeller+Gmelin - products in everyday life

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 Thorsten Wechmann

In March our new animated video called “A Day with ZG” was officially launched. The video gives an insight into the variety of Zeller+Gmelin products and their applications. We come across high-quality lubricants, printing inks and chemical products in many places in everyday life – and surprisingly often.

The typical points of contact in everyday life are illustrated in the new animated video. From the morning routine to the way to work to a cozy dinner for two. No matter where they are, our products are something like the invisible heroes of everyday life that accompany us every day.

Before the morning routine, we put on fresh clothes made on textile machines that run on Textol lubricants. When brushing your teeth, it is the wire of the toothbrush that is made with our Multidraw wire drawing materials. The drinks can and the yogurt cup for breakfast are printed with ZG printing inks and the refrigerator in the background was made with Multidraw thermoforming oils.

In doing so, we show that Zeller+Gmelin is much more than a chemical company. We develop tailor-made product solutions for a wide range of industries. This is how we ensure that engines run efficiently, transmissions shift smoothly and machines work reliably.

There is contact with ZG products almost everywhere in the car. This ranges from car rims and exterior mirrors to transmission oil and even the smallest labels for airbags, tire pressure and batteries. But the animation video also shows that we are involved in the production of batteries and electric motors in the area of e-mobility.

Our printing inks ensure brilliant color results, high print quality and long durability. When shopping in the supermarket, you will find numerous products colorfully printed with Zeller+Gmelin printing inks. The new animated film was created to represent this presence in everyone’s everyday life. It impressively shows how often and in what perhaps unexpected places we come across Zeller+Gmelin products.

Since the end of March, the animated film can be seen in German and English on the Zeller+Gmelin website under the “Company” category and can be found on our YouTube channel.

Take a look and experience the invisible heroes of everyday life for yourself with Zeller+Gmelin.

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