#5: Designing instead of consuming – How do we make our children digitally fit?

Are our children digitally fit or are they just consumers? In view of the lack of IT specialists, this podcast takes stock and shows how digital education can work.

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The figures speak for themselves: according to Bitkom, 137,000 IT positions could not be filled last year. And although the proportion of women in traditional STEM subjects has risen slightly, less than one in three graduates is still female. So what can we do?

Is school preparing our children sufficiently for life? What is the current state of children’s digital skills and what do we need to be particularly concerned about?

This podcast takes stock. In conversation with four experts, a teacher, children and companies, it shows where the gaps and hurdles are, but also how digital education works. He also answers the question of who needs to be involved in our children’s education and how schools can work in the future.

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In detail, we talk to Andreas Koch (CEO, Code it!), Kerstin Ines Müller (Director, M.I.T.-Gymnasium Dresden-Pieschen), Heike Wilson (Managing Director, DUALIS GmbH IT Solution, patron of and Steve Federow (Workforce Development Lead, GlobalFoundries) on the following topics:

  • What about the digital skills of our children?
  • How do skills differ between boys and girls?
  • What will our kids need to be able to do in the future?
  • How does school need to change?
  • What do sustainable concepts look like and who is involved in them?

and much more

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