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3 Questions 3 Answers – Interview with Board Member René Reichardt

René Reichardt, entrepreneur and managing director of DAS Environmental Expert was awarded the Saxon Entrepreneur Award 2023. He recently joined the Silicon Saxony board and wants to set his own impulses here. We asked him what his visions are for the association and the location.

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René, you have been active on the board of Silicon Saxony e. V. since 2023. What motivated you to get involved in the network?

René Reichardt: We have had a close bond with Silicon Saxony from the very beginning. We are a founding member and want to help shape the future of the semiconductor industry as a supplier. Initially, our core business was mainly limited to the international arena – after all, where semiconductors are manufactured, there is also a need for innovative solutions for exhaust gas purification and water treatment. The European market has gained enormously in importance here in recent years. And now that the industry in Silicon Saxony is running at full speed, we want to give something back to the community here. At the end of the day, we all benefit from investments right on our doorstep. Time is also a big factor, of course. After a long stay abroad, I have settled back here in Dresden and can thus manage an honorary position better in terms of time. On the board, I represent the perspective of the supplier industry and sustainable industry development. DAS EE understands these concerns and I would like to represent these interests in the board work. And right now is the time to take care of the issues here on the ground.

As an entrepreneur and managing director of DAS Environmental Expert, you were awarded the Saxon Entrepreneur Award this year. What is your secret to success globally in the semiconductor industry?

René Reichardt: Our heart beats for clean air and clean water. This plays a role not only in the semiconductor industry, but in many industries when it comes to using resources efficiently. Water treatment, by the way, is becoming increasingly important. We see that the two areas of exhaust gas and water treatment are growing closer together, and the demand for environmental technology solutions is high. We have always been globally active, establishing our presence early on where the leading semiconductor industry locations have developed. We now operate on three continents with ten subsidiaries and employ more than 850 people worldwide. With such continuous growth in the international arena, you definitely need a sure instinct. In 2005, I was in China and Vietnam myself and was responsible for setting up the service and sales companies there. This intercultural experience had a great impact on me, and international exchange is an important building block of our success. Since we have also become a leading player in Europe, our headquarters in Dresden have changed. We have been thinking hard about how we need to evolve to be more than just a production site, to be able to collaborate more intensively with our customers and to create an inspiring and empowering work atmosphere for our employees*. The result is an innovation campus, a source of fresh ideas, the site of a strong and appreciative culture, a place where we feel comfortable. Ultimately, that is precisely the key to success.

What impulses do you now want to set as a board member?

René Reichardt: I would like to work to ensure that the industry works together to find the best ways to grow in a sustainable and environmentally compatible manner. The supplier industry brings not only necessary equipment, but lots of ideas and know-how to the table. On the board of Silicon Saxony e. V., I would like to represent this important part of the value chain and build a bridge between the supplier and semiconductor industries. It’s about building mutual understanding – for example, at supplier days or as part of Silicon Saxony Day. And where like-minded people meet, innovation is created from which we can all benefit. Personally, the promotion of young talent is also very close to my heart. That’s why it’s so important to support formats like Jugend forscht or the MINT all-day program PROGTA (“Programming with the Calliope Mini”). Without supporting young, dedicated people who are interested in technology, we don’t need to talk about the future of industry.

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Our discussion partner.

René Reichardt
Managing Director, DAS Environmental GmbH

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