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#3: Low Code & No Code: Hype oder Heiliger Gral der Softwarebranche?

Will low code and/or no code solve the challenges of digitization in times of a shortage of skilled workers? Tobias Nestler and Stefan Ehrlich explain, classify and evaluate.

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If you want to understand the significance of low-code and no-code applications today or in the future, you have to understand the challenges facing the software industry. The all-encompassing digitalization in which we currently find ourselves ensures that hardly any area of life today can do without software – from industrial robots to coffee machines, from software companies to administrations. But more and more IT applications require more and more programming services. And these should be increasingly individual, agile and easy to maintain.

That’s why Julia talks to two software industry experts in this episode. After discussing general challenges, they ask what low or no code actually means and whether these so-called “citizen development” applications are a serious alternative to elaborately programmed systems. They look at current and future application scenarios and the prerequisites for successful implementation. Finally, as always, they look a bit into the future and discuss, among other things, the question of whether low and no code are hypotheticals or will ultimately solve all our problems.

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In this episode, you’ll learn …

● what the disintegration of large software systems means for the business models of software companies
● what it means for the job market and what strategies software companies have developed to combat the skills shortage
● what low and no code mean and where the origin of these two trends lies
● what the prerequisites are for the integration of low and no code
● what areas of application and future potential there are
● what the future might look like for both topics.

👉 By the end of the episode, you won’t be able to program yourself, but you will understand in which areas it is worthwhile to think about Low and No Code, and you will be more comfortable with collaboration between business and IT departments.Listen to podcast

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