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#2: Internationale Fachkräfte: Potentiale in Chancen wandeln

Julia Thombansen and Mariia Kutscher (Mascha), both working at intap network, talk to Julia about the acute skilled labor problem in the high-tech sector and how we can solve this problem with international professionals.

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Our interview partners today are proven experts in addressing and onboarding international professionals and students. In numerous so-called recruitments, they support companies and internationals in getting to know each other, docking and staying, and in this context they have also specialized in the topic of “employer branding”. Because it is not a matter of course that international students stay. Julia discusses with her two experts which prerequisites must be created for this, why there is no way around international teams, and why this is more of an opportunity than a danger, and also lets various voices from the network have their say, talking about their experiences in international teams.

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In this episode, you’ll learn …

● Why we are talking about a skilled workforce problem and how urgent it is in Saxony and especially in the microelectronics and ICT sectors*.
● Why international skilled workers must be part of the solution
● what requirements international skilled workers have for their job in order to want to stay in the long term
● what special skills they bring to the table
● how companies think about working in their international teams and what their experiences have been
● why it is now easier to attract international professionals to Germany
● what to look out for in onboarding and which institutions provide support.

*In the chip industry alone, there will be approximately 4,000 positions to fill each year until 2030, which corresponds to 87% of the total number of available graduates of relevant courses of study.
👉 By the end of the episode, you’ll have an appetite for international teams, know where to find support, what specific steps you can take in your company, or what conditions you should create so that the path leads to long-term success.

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