SMWA: Technology promotion and market launch – Saxony supports innovative companies with 740 million euros until 2027

Since the beginning of 2023, the Free State of Saxony has relaunched a number of funding programs for innovative companies. Around 740 million euros are available for new technologies and their market launch with the support of the European Union. This sum is divided between the ERDF/JTF technology funding, the MINT skilled workers program ESF Plus and the ERDF-funded market launch of innovative products, processes or services.

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Under the motto “Europe promotes Saxony”, the Saxon Ministry of Economic Affairs is informing interested companies about the programs in the field of technology promotion and market launch today, Wednesday, starting at 5 pm in Leipzig. On this occasion, Minister of Economic Affairs Martin Dulig says: “Developing new products and ideas requires strength and perseverance. With the programs of technology promotion and market introduction, we continue to support Saxon companies in research, development and innovation. Even in challenging times, we support companies in developing new solutions and bringing them to market.”

With the “ERDF/JTF Technology Funding 2021 to 2027”, Saxony will continue to enable the promotion of research and development (R&D) in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their cooperation partners in the Free State. Until the end of 2027, 600 million euros are available for R&D project funding, technology transfer funding and for granting InnoPremiums. In addition, the previously independent funding of pilot lines in the field of key technologies under the funding guideline “KETs Pilot Lines” has been integrated into the new funding guideline.

With the “MINT-Fachkräfteprogramm ESF Plus 2021-2027”, the Free State is promoting the recruitment and retention of highly qualified specialists in Saxon SMEs. Until 2027, a proven and optimized funding offer consisting of Innovation Assistant, “InnoManager”, Transfer Assistant and “InnoTeam” will strengthen the innovative power of Saxony’s economy. Around 100 million euros will be used for this purpose.

In subsequent market launch projects, Saxony supports SMEs as well as young, innovative companies (start-ups) also in the current EU funding period. For this purpose, around 40 million euros in ERDF and state funds are available under the program “Market introduction grant ERDF 2021 to 2027”.

Project ideas and funding applications can be submitted digitally via the funding portal of the Sächsische Aufbaubank – Förderbank. For more information, visit www.sab.sachsen.de.

The on-site seats for today’s dialogue event in Leipzig are already fully booked. However, it is possible to follow the event in the livestream.

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