SMWA: Competence Center for Artificial Intelligence (AI) begins work

At the AI Congress of the Saxon State Chancellery on May 25, the Free State of Saxony reached an important milestone in its AI strategy: the AI Competence Center started its work. It is located at the Digital Agency Saxony (DiAS), a subordinate division of the Saxon State Ministry of Economy, Labor and Transport. As of now, the AI Competence Center is the central point of contact for the development of a Saxony-wide AI ecosystem. Its activities serve the further expansion of a strong network through which AI actors from science, business, society and administration in the Free State of Saxony can cooperate and agents from outside can gain low-threshold access to the Saxon AI landscape.

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Among other things, the competence center offers attractive, topic-specific exchange formats. In addition, interested parties can obtain information from the Competence Center on all topics related to AI in Saxony. The goal is to make the successful AI location Saxony more visible and to ensure its future viability.

The tasks of the Competence Center AI fit perfectly into the existing activities of DiAS in the field of digital transformation, which are primarily characterized by initiating, informing, involving and networking business, science, society and administration. AI as one of the key technologies for successful digitalization now receives a special focus.

Digital Minister Martin Dulig: “The topic of AI is a real topic for the future. Applications like ChatGPT are already showing us what is possible with AI. I am pleased that with DiAS we now have a competent contact for all questions on this topic. With the establishment of the competence center, the Free State is now creating a point of contact to support companies in Saxony and help them network with each other.”

Frauke Greven, head of the Digital Agency Saxony: “Saxony has everything it needs to successfully shape digitization, including with the help of AI technologies: Cutting-edge research, innovative chip industry, creative software development, viable start-ups. With knowledge and technology transfer, we can succeed in bringing trustworthy AI increasingly into application in Saxon SMEs. The Competence Center AI will make its contribution here and can benefit from the strong network of DiAS right from the start.”

Saxony as a high-tech location has very powerful clusters of research institutions and technology-oriented companies. Well-functioning networks between business and science make important contributions to their success. There is now a specific information and exchange platform for the cross-industry and cross-research area topic of AI. The establishment of an AI competence center, which is now located at the Digital Agency Saxony, was stipulated as the first goal in the AI strategy process.

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