Silicon Saxony: New EU initiative INFRACHIP aims to accelerate the development of new semiconductor chips through technology access, support and training

February 7, 2024. The INFRACHIP project has received the support of the European Union under the HORIZON Europe funding program for research and innovation actions. This ambitious project will facilitate access to the most advanced technologies in the field of semiconductors to accelerate research and innovation and respond to the challenges in line with the objectives of the EU Chip Law. Silicon Saxony is a project partner and invites all members and interested companies and institutions to participate.

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Kickoff of the Infrachip project. Photo: INFRACHIP

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The European Union has adopted a comprehensive package of measures to strengthen the semiconductor ecosystem in the EU with the European Chip Act, which came into force on September 21, 2023. The proposed measures include investment in next-generation technologies, better access across Europe to design tools and pilot lines for prototyping, testing and experimenting with cutting-edge chips, and the promotion of skills, talent and innovation in microelectronics. These actions are crucial for Europe to strengthen the EU’s research and innovation capacity as a globally competitive player in the field of semiconductor technologies.

In this context, a consortium of fourteen partners led by the Tyndall National Institute has launched the INFRACHIP project.

INFRACHIP aims to create the first integrated, distributed research infrastructure as a broader European research platform for the sustainable development of next-generation and future semiconductor chips. INFRACHIP will run over a period of four years and will provide guidance and access to its users by mobilizing a critical mass of people. INFRACHIP will provide access to knowledge and technology blocks by leading experts. INFRACHIP targets the need for capital investment in cutting-edge equipment to address the EU’s twin digital and green transitions and ensure Europe’s early to mid-stage technological innovation capacity.

INFRACHIP builds on existing RI communities, namely ASCENT+ for nanoelectronics, EMERGE for sustainable flexible electronics and EnABLES for powering the Internet of Things (IoT). It aims to advance the state of the art by supporting comprehensive user projects for multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary groundbreaking research on sustainable information and communication technologies (ICT) driven by the secure edge.

These challenge-driven projects will target the introduction of new materials, proofs of concept and feasibility studies for new manufacturing processes or breakthrough technologies.

To accelerate the translation of results from the lab to manufacturing, INFRACHIP will align project activities with test and experimentation facilities, European centers for digital innovation and pilot lines. In addition, INFRACHIP will develop talent and train a skilled workforce through its Research Accelerator Programs and additional hands-on courses and educational resources to support early-stage innovators and the semiconductor industry.

Overall, INFRACHIP will make a significant contribution to research and innovation in the field of capacitance as part of the objectives of the European Chip Legislation.

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