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About us:

znt Richter is an information technology service and solution provider with worldwide activities, offering solutions specifically for semiconductor, medical device, automotive, solar and process industries.

Our departments are located in Munich (Headquarter), Burghausen, Villach(A), Freiberg/Dresden, Singapore and Malaysia. Since our foundation in 1985 quality and innovation has been our focus. With more than 140 employees we offer comprehensive consulting know-how and lead our customers to the top.

Our most important goal: “Continuous Quality & Innovation”.

For 25 years now, we have been successfully implementing innovative and technologically advanced solutions based on consistent orientation on the international market. These solutions are an essence of our experience from worldwide projects, development and research, and above all, knowledge toward the needs of our customers.

Constantly networking, our international teams implement “best of breed” solutions, based on our own products and complemented with partner products, to meet the high requirements of the industries quickly, flexibly and efficiently.

You will find znt-Richter in Munich (head office), Burghausen, Freiberg / Dresden, Villach (A), Singapore and Penang (Malaysia).

With more than 140 employees, we offer a well-founded, comprehensive
Know-how and contribute significantly to the success of our customers.

Especially in the semiconductor-specific IT environment, we have extensive experience that covers all areas from SECS standards at the process level to the implementation of MES solutions.

Our customers appreciate and selected ZNT solutions mostly because of following key benefits:

  • Reliability at delivery and prices
  • Service-oriented product and project management
  • Best of breed products and integrated technologies
  • Always available 7×24 h support
  • Reliable business partner with the best references

Products & Solutions:
The products of ZNT and its partners, which have proven themselves over many years in worldwide projects, are the reliable basis for optimal production solutions.

ZNT Automation components

PAC (Process Automation Controller) for Equipment Integration
zSECS & zEDA Driver for Equipment Interface
zEDA Interface-A Interface, Equipment Data-Acquisition
zSPC Statistical Process Control
zfactoryConnect SAP PI Adapter for TIBCO Rendezvous Messagebus

Partner Products

– Camstar Semiconductor Suite (MES All-In-One-Solution)
– MESplus by Miracom (MES Solution)
– Siemens Camstar Scheduling (APS, Advanced Planning & Scheduling)
– Data Analytics Tools by Siemens (Cloud based & On Premise)

Efficient solutions for the semiconductor industry

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