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Victrex Europa GmbH

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Large companies (>250 employees or >50 million annual sales)

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Machinery and Equipment






APPLE Clean Energy Supplier·ECOVADIS Silver Rating·FM4910 Cleanroom Class 1 Certifications·SEDEX Member

About this member

Discover the future of the semiconductor industry with Victrex ... the innovative partner for premium high performance PEEK and PAEK polymer solutions.

As a world leader, Victrex sets the standard for productivity, reliability and risk mitigation in semiconductor fabs through the use of advanced polymers, polymer compounds and semi-finished products.

Optimise your throughput and minimise downtime and maintenance with PEEK CMP rings from Victrex. Our polymer solutions not only offer outstanding wear and chemical resistance, but also dimensional stability, ESD protection and low outgassing. This allows you to effectively prevent particle contamination and achieve increased reliability in the handling, storage and transport of wafers using FOUPs.

With Victrex PEEK you can also safely store e.g. reticles in RSPs or EUV pods in an environment with minimal outgassing and ionic contamination.

Special compounds even fulfil the FM4910 specification for class 1 cleanrooms.

Discover the performance of Victrex polymers for the semiconductor industry.

For further information please contact us: www.victrex.com/de/industries/electronics/semiconductor

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