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Medium-sized companies (<250 employees or <50 million annual turnover)

Target markets



Machinery & Equipment·Materials·Research & Development·Technology Users


Reneweable Energies·Semiconductor


Semi S2 Compatible

About this member

TOFWERK provides innovative solutions for chemical analysis

Our scientists and engineers design, manufacture, and optimize high performance mass spectrometers for new applications to support researchers and industrial customers around the world.

We are headquartered in Thun, Switzerland, with regional offices in Asia and North America. Our diverse team members cultivate a collaborative and creative work environment. Together we deliver the highest quality products and service to ensure our customers’ success.

Solutions and Products

High performance time-of-flight mass spectrometers for research and analysis.

Semicon Process Solution

Process Solution

Process analyzers for semiconductor R&D and production environments in etch, deposition and lithography processes.

Tofwerk Process Solution
Semicon AMC Monitoring

AMC Monitoring

Monitor known and emerging contaminants from diverse molecular categories, sensitively, accurately, and reliably.

Tofwerk AMC Monitoring Solution


An inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) that simultaneously measures all isotopes at unprecedented speed. Multi-element detection for laser ablation and single particle analysis.

Tofwerk icpTOF


Add FIB-SIMS capabilities to commercial FIB-SEM microscopes for powerful secondary ion imaging and depth profiling.

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