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SONOSYS Ultraschallsysteme GmbH

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Target markets

Ultrasonic / Megasonic (en)


Micro- / Nanoelektronics


Electronic·Equipment·Megasonic·Micro- / Nanoelektronics·nanoclean·Semiconductor Industry·Submersible Transducer·Ultrasonic / Megasonic (en)·Ultrasonic cleaning



Daimlerstraße 6
75305 Neuenbürg

Contact Person

Ralf Emberger
07082 7918418
Geschäftsführer / Managing Director

About this member

SONOSYS® ist spezialisiert auf die Entwicklung, Herstellung und den Vertrieb hochentwickelter Ultraschall-/Megaschallsysteme für Single-Wafer- und Batch-Prozesse im Frequenzbereich von 400 kHz bis 9 MHz.
SONOSYS® Ultraschall-/Megaschallsysteme ermöglichen die hocheffiziente Abreinigung von Partikeln bis in den Nanometerbereich von Substraten mit empfindlichen Oberflächen, wie z.B. Wafern, Masken oder Mikrosystemen.

Unsere Hauptmärkte:
o    Halbleiterindustrie
o    Mikro-/Nanotechnologie
o    MEMS
o    Photovoltaik
o    Optische Industrie
o    Lebensmittelindustrie
o    Sonochemie
o    Forschungsinstitute

Unsere Hauptanwendungen:
o    Partikel-Entfernung
o    SC1-Reinigung
o    Resist-Entfernung
o    Nassätzen
o    Post-CMP-Reinigung
o    Akustisch-chemische Anreicherung

o    Megasonic Transducerplatten
o    Tauchschwinger
o    Face-to-Face-Transducer
o    Megasonic Single-/Dual-/Triple-Düsen
o    Schlitzdüsen
o    Megasonic Generatoren
o    Zerstäuber

4" Megasonic Submersible Transducer made of stainless steel with 500 W Generator

Submersible Transducers, 400 kHz to 2 MHz

Retrofit flexibly and cost-effectively with Submersible Transducers 400 kHz + 600 kHz / 1 MHz + 2 MHz

The submersible transducers are encapsulated transducers made of stainless steel or plastics (e.g.: PVDF or PFA) to be positioned at the bottom or at the side wall of an existing tank. Besides the standard systems for 4″, 6″ and 8″ substrates, custom specific solutions are offered.

This flexible configuration allows a convenient retrofit with a Megasonic system in an existing tank. The submersible transduceres are available with the frequencies of 400 kHz / 600 kHz / 1 MHz / 2 MHz. The extremely uniform energy transmission ensures a hitherto-unachieved cleaning performance, while at the same time providing the best protection of the micro- and nano-structures. All over the world, SONOSYS® stands for unique and future-proof solutions. Unique in the world: our transducer systems, with patent-pending piezo-ceramics, achieve a 40% higher sound pressure or an up to 30% higher efficiency compared to a traditional system.

Cleaning of substrates, semiconductor wafers, photo-masks, micro parts and micro systems (MEMS) up to 200 mm. Photoresist removal within the LIGA – technology, as well as etching processes.

Submersible Transducer System , 4 inch, stainless steel

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