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Contactless Temperature Measurement·Gas Detection·Infrared Sensors·MEMS


Applications·Micro- / Nanoelektronics


Applications·Chips·Contactless Temperature Measurement·Displays; MEMS/MOMS·Electronic·Gas Detection·Infrared Sensors·MEMS·Micro- / Nanoelektronics·Semiconductor Industry·Sensors


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Products and Services:

Heimann Sensor is a technology orientated company continuing the Heimann innovative technology tradition in the development and manufacture of the most advanced infrared sensors for 

  • remote temperature measurement and
  • NDIR gas analysis.

The key personnel typically have ten plus years experience in the field of infrared sensor development and manufacturing. Our sensor production uses CMOS processes and micromechanical technologies to manufacture the worlds smallest and fasted thermopile sensor chips.
Heimann Sensor is offering standard sensor products running in high volumes as well as customized sensor modules including signal conditioning and optical components.
Today Heimann Sensor products are used in 

  • medical (e.g. ear thermometer, body temperature, anesthetic gases, breathing),
  • household (e.g. cooking, microwave, toaster, hairdryer, climate control, CO2),
  • automotive (e.g. temperature, climate control, position) and 
  • industrial (pyrometer, infrared cameras, gas concentration) markets.

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