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Compugraphics Jena GmbH

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Layout Consulting·Micro-structuring·Re-Pelliclization·Reticles


Micro- / Nanoelektronics


Equipment·Layout Consulting·Mask Manufacturing·Micro- / Nanoelektronics·Micro-structuring·Re-Pelliclization·Reticles·Semiconductor Industry



Im Steinfeld 5 1
07751 Jena

Contact Person

Laura Sackmann
+49 3641 6338821
Marketing / Vertrieb

About this member

Mask Shop Compugraphics Jena GmbH
Compugraphics Jena GmbH manufactures photomasks (reticles, 1x masks and copies) for industry and R&D in semiconductors, microsystems, sensors, opto-electronics, and optical metrology.
We offer:
E-beam lithography
Two e-beam systems from Leica for mask formats from 3 to 7 inch and direct write of wafers till 6 inch.
Laser lithography
Two laser writers DWL 400 from Heidelberg Instruments to process masks substrates inbetween 2 and 16 inch with thicknesses till
12 mm. ML&C has already manufactured many hundreds of large format masks (9 inch and larger) for wafer level packaging and other applications in metrology and microtechnics.
Mask Copies
Formats 2 to 7 inch.
Photolithographic structuring of special components for micro-technology

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