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Small companies (<50 employees or <10 million annual turnover)

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The international CollTech Group was founded in its current form in 2013 and has since enjoyed above-average growth in a wide range of adhesives markets worldwide.

In recent years, CollTech has successfully established and expanded customer and business relationships in Europe, North America and Asia.
Continuity is an important success factor for us in our thinking and actions. This benefits our customers in the consumer goods industry, medical technology, the automotive market, the semiconductor industry, optical applications, electronics and microelectronics and the renewable energy market, to name just a few successful examples.

Our team offers you customized solutions for your individual tasks.
This includes the development and adaptation of adhesives for your applications, as well as advice on curing options, control processes and the application of our adhesives, naturally REACH & RoHS compliant.

Our technological edge and individual service make us your partner for adhesives, coatings and thermal management solutions.

The basis of our success is our competent and experienced employees. Simply make an appointment to visit us, and of course we will also come to you.

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