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Leipzig University: Specialist alliance gives IT companies short-term access to talent from Vietnam

29 April 2024. As part of the Skilled Workers Alliance, Leipzig University is running a program to recruit IT specialists from Vietnam. Companies that have a need for qualified IT graduates can register for the program until mid-May and find tailored support.

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Contact info

Silicon Saxony

Marketing, Kommunikation und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

Manfred-von-Ardenne-Ring 20 F

Telefon: +49 351 8925 886

Fax: +49 351 8925 889

Contact person:

The core of the program is a three to four-month stay of the Vietnamese graduates in Leipzig. During this time, they work as part of an internship at an IT company in the region. Alongside this, the young professionals take part in a summer school that teaches work-related content on IT project management, strategic information management and similar topics in order to facilitate their integration into the local working world.

The matching between companies and graduates is managed centrally and is carried out individually according to both the skills and needs of the companies. During the application process, IT companies have the opportunity to formulate questions or problem cases or job descriptions as tasks to which the interested parties can apply.

Participating companies are accompanied by the SEPT Competence Center throughout the entire period and supported, for example, in applying for work visas.
Interested companies should contact Gunnar Kaßberg at Leipzig University directly for further information.


Gunnar Kaßberg
University of Leipzig
Phone: +49 341 97 33760

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