DUALIS: Making robots fit for use in production – without extensive programming knowledge

September 20, 2023. The shortage of skilled workers is already evident in many areas of manufacturing. Industrial robots offer great potential to fill these gaps. However, planning and designing new robotic cells can be challenging. Visual Components provides relief and recently launched the next generation of offline robot programming software. It is based on technology from Delfoi Robotics and is easy to use without extensive programming knowledge. DUALIS acts as a sales partner here and develops corresponding add-ons and services.

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Visual Components provides relief and recently launched the next generation of offline robot programming software. Photo: DUALIS

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“More and more robots are making their way into manufacturing areas. But despite their increasing presence, they are often not being used efficiently. A utilization rate of less than 50 percent is not uncommon,” explains Ralf Dohndorf, Vice President Factory Simulation at DUALIS GmbH IT Solution.

The full potential of robots is often not exploited due to time-consuming and laborious manual programming. Among other things, there is a lack of skilled workers to take on this task. Ralf Dohndorf says: “In addition, manual programming of a robot at the work cell is time-consuming and tedious, as well as not optimal due to the high time pressure to resume operation. Offline programming solves these problems by allowing programming in a virtual environment. Once the program is ready and validated, it can be downloaded and transferred to the robot. This allows it to be put into operation more quickly.”

One software for all major robot brands

Finnish company Delfoi Robotics develops offline robot programming (OLP) software for the manufacturing industry and was acquired by Visual Components last year. Visual Components combines its 3D simulation platform with Delfoi Robotics’ OLP software to maximize the potential of robots with a fast, reliable and error-free programming solution.

With the recent launch of “Visual Components Robotics OLP” – based on Delfoi Robotics OLP technology – Visual Components brings 3D simulation and offline robot programming together. DUALIS will act as a distribution partner, tailoring the 3D simulation platform to specific requirements as needed and developing compatible add-ons.

Visual Components’ new solution enables fast and easy offline programming with numerous features for users – without requiring extensive programming skills. With its latest development, Visual Components is the only OLP software provider in the industrial robot market to offer one product for all industrial applications such as welding, milling, cutting and coating, covering all major robot brands regardless of type and model.

Based on 1-click programming, programs can be quickly created in the virtual robot cell. Users can validate and optimize the software robot programs before they are used in production. This reduces error rates and costs.

By using the solution, customers benefit from a reduction in robot programming time of up to 80 percent and fast setup times, as programming can take place in parallel with product development and launch. Robot utilization can thus be significantly increased.

Positioned for the future with add-ons from DUALIS

Ralf Dohndorf explains, “Since many companies face individual challenges, we develop add-ons to meet their needs and offer a variety of services for Visual Components. We also help customers introduce the new solution, conduct feasibility studies and train employees to use the software.”

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