Bitkom: Business situation in the digital economy stable

July 31, 2023. Business in the digital sector continues to be significantly better than in the economy as a whole. The current business situation of IT and telecommunications companies is currently clearly positive and, at 30.0 points, is 0.9 points higher in July than in June.

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In der Digitalbranche laufen die Geschäfte weiterhin deutlich besser als in der Gesamtwirtschaft. Grafik: Bitkom

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Business expectations for the rest of the year, however, are not yet back above the zero line. They are currently at -4.6 points, after -4.0 points in June. This is shown by the Bitkom-ifo Digital Index. The index tracks the current business situation and business expectations for the coming three months and uses this to calculate the business climate. The business climate now stands at 12 points, up from 11.9 points in June. “The companies in the Bitkom sector are holding their own in a difficult environment and are proving to be largely crisis-proof,” says Bitkom President Dr. Ralf Wintergerst. He added that this could also be seen in the development of employment. The Bitkom industry is creating around 12,000 new jobs in Germany this year.

By comparison, the ifo Institute reports that the business climate for the economy as a whole remains negative at -9.1 points. At 8.1 points, the business situation is assessed as significantly worse than in the previous month, when it stood at 13.5 points. Business expectations in the overall economy also remain in negative territory, at -25.0 points in July, down from -24.3 points in June.

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