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Bechtle: Record number of trainees again recorded

September 18, 2023. For the training year that has just begun, Bechtle has achieved new record figures and is training more people than ever before. With 299 trainees and dual students, another record year is starting at the IT company, which is active throughout Europe. Group-wide, Bechtle is currently training 869 young people in 13 technical and commercial apprenticeships and 10 dual study courses. This is 107 more than in the previous year, which corresponds to an increase of 14 percent. In addition, the range of apprenticeship professions was expanded by the bachelor’s degree program “Sustainable Management” and the apprenticeship “Marketing Communication Clerks”. The training quota at Bechtle in Germany is 7 percent, compared to 6.6 percent in the previous year. The IT company has set itself the goal of increasing this to 10 percent by 2030. Bechtle has been training young people for 38 years and has more than doubled the number of trainees in the past ten years.

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With 299 trainees and dual students, a record year starts for Bechtle. Photo: Bechtle

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“In view of the shortage of skilled workers and demographic factors, the topic of training and further education at Bechtle remains at the top of our agenda for the future. We offer young people a sustainable perspective with diverse development opportunities in the dynamic and highly exciting environment of the IT industry. At the same time, we benefit from the breath of fresh air and the new perspectives that are brought into the company via our trainees and dual students. We therefore expressly encourage them to get involved in their working environment at Bechtle while still in training, so that together we can shape the future with IT,” says Dr. Thomas Olemotz, CEO of Bechtle AG. “We are pleased about the great interest in training at Bechtle and are grateful for the trust placed in us by the young people and their families.”

Increases in all areas

While technical job profiles dominate the training, business administration subjects lead the field in the subjects studied. Thus, of the trainees, 429 (previous year: 402) are currently completing technical training and 316 (previous year: 248) commercial training. Among the dual students, 81 (previous year: 74) opted for a business degree and 43 (previous year: 38) for a technical degree. With 741 (previous year: 687) apprentices and dual students, the majority are spread across Bechtle’s German locations.

New: Sustainable Management and Marketing Communication

This year, Bechtle has expanded its wide range of apprenticeship professions to now 13 and added marketing communication specialists. The commercial and technical professions include e-commerce clerks, IT system management and digitalization management, as well as IT system electronics technicians, IT specialists in various specifications, and warehouse logistics specialists. In cooperation with the dual universities, Bechtle offers students a total of ten wide-ranging business and technical courses of study, including Digital Commerce Management, International Business, Business Informatics, Online Media, and Cyber Security. Here, too, a new course of study complements the existing range: in Sustainable Management, the highly relevant and future-oriented field of sustainability is the focus of the course.

Comprehensive Onboarding

Traditionally, Bechtle invites all new trainees and students to the Mikado introductory event at its headquarters in Neckarsulm. The aim is to strengthen the feeling of togetherness right from the start and to offer opportunities for establishing personal networks beyond the boundaries of one’s own location. Participants also get to know Bechtle’s central service units and gain insights into the company’s history and culture. It is the prelude to a diverse range of seminars throughout the training program, which ends with targeted exam preparation courses. In addition, a specially designed mentoring program places experienced colleagues at the side of the trainees and students, which significantly supports rapid integration into the company.

Application phase for 2024 training positions underway

For the start of training in the fall of 2024, Bechtle has already published the training and study positions and received the first applications. Bechtle offers the vacancies to be filled as well as information on training and the dual study programme and application opportunities via

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