Amazon Web Services: 10 Years of Research and Development in Dresden

September 18, 2023. Ten years ago, a team of twelve started working for Amazon in Dresden. “We came to stay,” says Amazon site manager Chris Schlaeger, looking back. The few employees quickly became more. Today, the Dresden team comprises around 100 highly qualified IT experts who are researching the future of tomorrow. They help develop the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) cloud service for Amazon Web Services (AWS). And there are to be even more colleagues. Amazon underlines its commitment to the location and became a member of the high-tech association Silicon Saxony just in time for its anniversary.

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On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the site, Saxony's Minister President Michael Kretschmar paid tribute to the activities of the Dresden Amazon team in the Free State. Photo: Amazon

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Chris Schlaeger: “We look forward to the coming years, in which we will continue to drive our research and development in Dresden. We are continuing to invest in the site and are currently looking for new employees in the areas of information technology and software development.”

On the occasion of the site’s tenth anniversary, Saxony’s Minister President Michael Kretschmar praised the activities of the Dresden Amazon team in the Free State and emphasized the importance of the research and development center for Saxony as a technology location: “You develop technology. They strengthen this location. And in an environment, on a topic, in an international group, where it is not a matter of course that the whole thing takes place in Germany. That’s exactly what we need. This is the future.”

The city’s mayor, Dirk Hilbert, emphasized at the event how much the company has established itself in Dresden as an integral part of the local innovation landscape. The fact that Amazon is now firmly rooted here is also demonstrated by its ongoing investment in the site, not least through its office building in the Leipziger Vorstadt district of Dresden, which opened just two years ago.

Amazon joins high-tech network Silicon Saxony

In order to expand its local commitment, Amazon in Dresden will in future also be involved in the high-tech network Silicon Saxony. Silicon Saxony is Saxony’s largest cluster for the IT and technology industry. The network connects industry-relevant companies, universities, research institutes and public institutions in the business location of Saxony and deals with the technological trends of the present and future.

Amazon Germany: Coding for young IT talent in Saxony

Amazon is committed to the locations in many ways and relies on the expertise of our employees. Michael Kretschmer also acknowledged this in his speech: “You are doing what an entrepreneur does in such a country, in a social market economy. They also invest their energy in society, in a social responsibility that helps us to become stronger as a society as a whole.”

In Dresden, young IT talents are particularly promoted, among other things through programming competitions. The next event for technology enthusiasts will take place in October: The site will open its doors for a programming workshop. At the event, young IT talents can try their hand at coding together with our experts. The offer promotes education for children and young people in the field of computer science in a fun way.

Since the opening of the Amazon Research and Development Center ten years ago, the Dresden team has also maintained a partnership with the Technical University (TU) of Dresden and has supported German scholarship holders from the TU since the winter semester of 2021/22. Each year, ten students in the bachelor’s degree program in computer science receive financial support to help them start studying computer science.

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