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Amazon Development Center Germany GmbH

Company type

Medium-sized companies (<250 employees or <50 million annual turnover)

Target markets



Research & Development·Software·Technology Users


Cloud·Cloud Computing·Cloud Development·Cloud Infrastrukturen·Cloud Migration·Cloud Services·Software



Großenhainer Straße 5a
01097 Dresden

Contact Person

Christine Valkyser

About this member

The Amazon Development Center in Dresden develops the foundation of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and is involved in the development of the cloud service "Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud" (Amazon EC2), a central component of AWS alongside network storage services. Amazon EC2 provides secure, scalable compute capacity in the cloud and is designed to make cloud computing easier for developers. It allows you to obtain and configure capacity effortlessly. The EC2 hypervisor technology and operating system core was co-developed in Dresden and continues to be developed as a globally available service in collaboration with AWS teams worldwide and in Dresden.

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