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Big-Data.AI Summit

Unlocking the Potential of Data and AI

When it comes to new technologies, making the step from a proof-of-concept to an value-generating application is a challenge. However, future-proof business models are needed. What does it take for Big Data and artificial intelligence to arrive in the German economy and the whole value chain of organizations? How can businesses avoid that innovations in data and AI do not make it to production? And how to overcome technical and organisational hurdles in the process?

At the Big-Data.AI Summit 2023, Europe's leading conference on the application of artificial intelligence and big data in business, we explored best practices and concrete use cases that enable companies to make it past this initial proof-of-concept. With experts from industry, politics & research, we delved into solutions in different sectors and investigated what lies ahead for enterprises who want to become data-driven.

The next Big-Data.AI Summit will be held on the 25th and 26th of September 2024. Together with our partner conference Quantum Summit 2023, we will explore over these two days how to unlock the value of technology for your company!


25.09.2024 09:00
26.09.2024 16:00




Karl-Marx-Allee 131a
10243 Berlin




Kai Pascal Beerlink
+49 30 27576 278

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