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Über das Mitglied

Founded in 1994, Microtronic, Inc. is a US-based, manufacturer of automated macro defect semiconductor wafer inspection equipment, semiconductor wafer sorters, and semiconductor metrology solutions. Our flagship product, EAGLEview is a high throughput tool that simultaneously inspects, weighs, randomizes and images semiconductor wafers at a rate of over 3,000 per day without the need for device dependent recipes. Microtronic’s EAGLEview systems have inspected 100’s of millions of semiconductor wafers helping fabs throughout the world lower production costs and increase yields as well as reducing both the frequency and magnitude of excursions.

Microtronic, Inc. was the recipient of Texas Instrument’s Supplier Excellence Award in 2006 and Microtronic’s EAGLEview was voted Best of West Winner 2017.

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