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Vision and Mission of ESPAT-Consulting

ESPAT-Consulting started in July 2019 and is based in Dresden, Germany. The company is offering Semiconductor Packaging, Assembly and Test consultancy services, focused on customers in Europe. Leveraging over 20 years’ experience working in the field in large IDMs and OSATs, the company provides support on Mainstream and Advanced Packaging Technology decision-making for new applications; Package Design, Bill of Material (BOM) and Process of Record (POR) development support; support on establishing Supply Chain for prototypes, samples, small series up to high volume manufacturing in Europe and worldwide; Technology Trend analysis; support to Market Researchers; Cooperation with leading research institutes in the field; support to relevant industry associations like SEMI, IMAPS, IEEE EPS and SMTA. ESPAT-Consulting is chairing the Advanced Packaging Conference (APC) committee at SEMICON Europa and is driving founder and chair of the ESiPAT-TC (European SEMI integrated Packaging, Assembly and Testing – Technology Community) under umbrella of SEMI, a special interest group inside SEMI.

Service Offer Profile of ESPAT-Consulting
Background - Steffen Kröhnert, President & Founder of ESPAT-Consulting
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