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Waterford Industrial Estate 1
X91AX05 Waterford
+353 355 436


Declan Irish
+353 87611 0847

Über das Mitglied

Carten are a manufacturer of ultra-high purity (UHP) and high-performance components and equipment for the semiconductor industry.

Originally founded by Dan Carten in 1970 in Connecticut, USA, Carten expanded with the construction of our Waterford site in 1981, contributing and collaborating to grow our core industries worldwide.

Fujikin Incorporated (Japan) – one of the leading flow-control system manufacturers in the world – acquired Carten in 1991, collaborating to add complimentary capabilities in our existing, and new, cutting-edge industries.

Carten specialises in high capacity and bespoke equipment where containment, contamination-free, reliable, and ultra-high purity transportation of media is required, and when complex, automated mixing of media is required with turnkey, plug & play systems.

We enable our customers to sustain clean, efficient, safe high-performance facilities throughout our product life cycle.

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